Choosing a log store can leave you baffled. That is because there is such a wide selection on the market. Just by looking on Google you will see that there are literally hundreds of options from which to choose. With that in mind, join us now as we help you navigate the most important factors to consider when choosing a log store that is ideal for your needs…

Air circulation

Most log stores are suitable as long as they have sufficient air circulation. If you are going to fill your log store up completely, then we recommend you avoid the boxed log stores with doors and closed sides unless they are very large. Commonly people like to use the available space in their shed to store logs. In this instance, again, we would recommend ensuring the shed in well ventilated at both the front and the sides. The only instance where air circulation is not so relevant is when logs have already been seasoned to perfection, possibly through kiln drying.

The structure

Like with anything, when buying a log store you only get what you pay for… Try to examine the higher price options to differentiate them from the cheaper options. For example, they may be made of better-quality timber, they may be pre-treated to make them rain proof, and they have more structural strength to stand up to the wind. This final attribute is particularly important if you will be placing it in an exposed area.

The base

Forgetting about the base of your log store is a common oversight. We recommend starting with a level concrete base and then elevating your log store on runners to keep it off the ground. An alternative to runners is to place a pallet or part of a pallet on the floor to ensure good air circulation. This approach also helps guard against the disastrous consequences of rising flood water.

Stacking firewood in your log store

To enable optimum seasoning, firewood should be stacked neatly and never thrown haphazardly into a log store. Air needs to get to all the logs to enable them to breathe and dry efficiently. If the logs are just piled up, then the air will not be able to circulate properly, which means the firewood will take much longer to dry. In fact, it could take double the usual amount of time. Therefore, make sure you choose a log store that is practical for stacking the size of logs you want to burn.

The double log store solution

If you have space, it might be better to have a larger store at the end of your garden and a smaller log store closer to the house. No doubt, the last thing you want to do on a rainy, dark winter’s evening is have to have to collect your firewood from the end of the garden. The downside of this option is you will have to migrate firewood from the larger store to the smaller store every so often.

What the expert said:

Oliver Rickman from Westbeams Tree Care said: “Any decent log store will allow good air circulation, enabling the wood to season well. Ideally you should keep your logs neatly stacked in the store for a year or two, and then, when it is time to fire up your wood burning device, voila, you will have a ready supply of dry, seasoned logs.”

If you need to source seasoned firewood for your log store, please call or email us now to order a bag or request a bespoke deal.