You can rely on us for the professional expertise and wide range of industry equipment required to perform efficient tree removal and tree pruning, as well as a range of other specialist tree services. We always work in accordance with British Standards BS3998:2010 tree work recommendations, as well as Arboricultural Association, Forestry Commission and Health and Safety Executive regulations. In addition, all our tree surgeons hold full NPTC qualifications.


Did you know? We can also take care of any legal hurdles relating to Tree Preservation Orders and/or
Conservation Area applications by contacting your local authority on your behalf to submit applications.

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Our surveyor will meet with you to assess your tree situation, answer any questions you may have and provide you with a detailed quotation. Importantly, he will outline all your options for achieving satisfaction by making recommendations based on best practice and the long-term interests of the tree(s).


Tree removal is exactly what it says. Often, trees that are dead, dying, diseased or fallen are best removed. However, sometimes trees are simply unwanted. The removal of unwanted trees usually benefits other trees in the landscape while improving light and creating a more attractive appearance. At Westbeams we have the vehicles and sophisticated machinery required to perform tree removal tasks with both care and efficiency.


Tree pruning is about taking away dead wood and unwanted growth while reshaping to secure a more appealing look and a healthier overall balance. Our tree pruning experts are skilled professionals who can climb your tree(s) if necessary to perform pruning. They will also exercise close attention to detail in order to create the desired visual effect.


Pollarding is a method of hard pruning that enables you to restrict a tree to its desired height and width while maintaining a natural and aesthetically pleasing shape. This practice is usually started when your tree has reached a certain size. Annual or biennial pollarding is guaranteed to maintain your preferred dimensions. However, a one-off pollard can yield significant and long-lasting benefits as well.


Crown lifting involves the removal of a tree’s lower branches to create a completely different appearance – usually that of a more mature, well-established tree. This practice is always done to a specified height – for example, 3.5 metres above ground level. Benefits of crown lifting include increased light reaching the ground and improved sight lines across your land.


Crown reduction is one of the most common hard pruning services we perform. This technique enables you to control the size of the crown while maintaining the tree’s natural shape and structure. The idea is to restore the scale and appearance you want. To achieve this, our aborists will concentrate on reducing the upper portions of your tree to reduce height, while making commensurate reductions to lower limbs.


Crown thinning is all about achieving a more standardised density of branches. It normally involves removing smaller, tertiary branches to achieve a more balanced overall crown structure with no dead, overarching, weak or duplicated limbs.


Our hedge and shrubbery experts can perform annual maintenance cuts and pruning jobs to smarten your garden’s overall appearance. We can also reduce the height and/or width of your tree or shrub if it has become too large.


Stump removal is nowhere near as difficult as it sounds. In fact, we can remove inconvenient and/or unsightly stumps in much less time than you might think. This is thanks to our range of stump grinders, which make short work of even the largest, most established tree stumps. Tight spaces usually present few difficulties and all waste is suitable for mulching.


Tree planting is something we are always enthusiastic to support. Feel free to ask us about the best options for planting new trees according to your garden’s unique characteristics.


All our arborists hold full NPTC qualifications and are covered by £10m public liability insurance. Each one understands the needs of different tree types and will be happy to explain anything while work is being undertaken. They will also perform a complete clear-up afterwards and exercise the utmost care towards the surface of your land and anything on it.

We have full arboricultural insurance and £10 million public liability cover. All our work is carried out according to HSE complaint risk assessments. All our arborists hold full NPTC qualifications.

We have full arboricultural insurance and £5 million public liability cover. All our work is carried out according to HSE complaint risk assessments. All our arborists hold full NPTC qualifications.



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