Ready-to-burn firewood with FREE delivery

You can source well-seasoned, barn-stored firewood for wood-burning stoves, open fires and outdoor ovens by using our firewood service. We deliver throughout the New Forest, Bournemouth and Southampton areas.

How it works

We sell firewood by the standard-size builders’ bag, with each bag containing a wide variety of wood types that mostly come from our tree care work in and around the New Forest. Selling firewood by the bag, which is approximately one cubic metre in volume, means we can ensure that every load we produce is the same size. Importantly, all our firewood timber is laid down to season before being processed and further seasoned at our barn storage facility in Brockenhurst. This guarantees that by the time it reaches you, every log will be primed to release its inner energy.


1x BAG £90.00 +VAT
2x BAG £85.00 +VAT (per bag)
3x BAG £85.00 +VAT (per bag)
4x BAG £80.00 +VAT (per bag)
5x BAG £80.00 +VAT (per bag)
6x BAG(S) £80.00 +VAT (per bag)

The choice is yours

You can select from low moisture firewood that ranges from six to sixteen inches in length and is suitable to use without the inconvenience of further conditioning. If you want to select your own quantities and wood types by performing collection in person, then we can always give you a price for a customised load. 

Emissions safe

All our firewood is legally compliant under UK laws banning the sale of ‘wet wood’. This means you can be sure it will not cause excessive emissions or damage your stove, oven or flue.



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