There are times when cutting trees on your property becomes necessary. For example, if you plan to build a new structure or extend an existing structure, then any trees in the way must be removed. Meanwhile, trees that are diseased, dead or dying pose safety risks and may need to be removed as well. However, sometimes there is no reason for removing trees that are diseased. This is because they can be treated and brought back to life using minimal cutting to remove the problem limbs. But when else is tree cutting necessary?

A clean slate

New homeowners commonly want to plant new types of trees or implement a new landscaping design for their property. Existing trees that do not fit with the new plan must be removed.

Interference with buildings

Trees that are planted near buildings pose a different kind of problem. Indeed, as branches grow, some of them start touching the building and pressing strongly against the walls. Not only that, if a tree is planted near a wall, then the wall’s foundations may be damaged by roots as the tree grows. In both these situations tree cutting and/or removal becomes necessary.

An improved look

Householders, sellers and property developers often call-in tree removal services when they want to improve the look of their property. No doubt, branches can grow in unwanted directions. As a result, the plot can begin to look unkempt and neglected, which can adversely affect its value and/or the likelihood of a quick sale. This can be avoided by calling in help from a tree cutting company that excels in preventative care and tree removal.

Who to ask?

While minor works like pruning hedges on a property can be done by anyone, a professional arborist is usually required to remove a tree or cut its branches. Importantly, professional tree removal companies use specialist tools, equipment and vehicles for cutting trees. These firms have trained workers who know how to do this type of work successfully and safely. No doubt, cutting trees using an industrial grade power tool is a dangerous task and should only be done only by professionals with the appropriate training and safety gear.

What the expert said:

Oliver Rickman from Westbeams Tree Care said: “At Westbeams we find we are often called to jobs by people who know a fair bit about trees. This means they appreciate the role of a professional arborist in achieving safe, efficient, aesthetically pleasing tree cutting that is in the best interests of the tree and the land. Ironically, it is often people who require our help the most who are likely to have a go themselves, not understanding the complexities and putting themselves in considerable danger. Incredibly, some people do not even realise that simply operating a chainsaw requires a licence. What is more, working at height claims a surprising number of lives every year worldwide. Once you factor in the unpredictable nature of a damaged tree as well, you can see how the endeavour becomes potentially very hazardous indeed.”

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