Did you know? Here at Westbeams Tree Care you can hire log splitting equipment and operators to make short work of firewood production. This means there is no need to wear yourself out swinging an axe and no chance of straining your body either. On average, one operator can create a winter’s worth of firewood in a couple of hours with no significant problems. So what else do you need to know?

Our log splitters

Our log splitters are powerful and efficient, making short work of even the most troublesome timber. They are engine driven hydraulic machines that are designed for maximum performance when tackling most log sizes and timber types.

Our people

Although hours of labour can be saved by using a log splitter, you should be aware that this is a hazardous activity. No doubt, only trained adults should operate a log splitter. That is why our operators are trained and fully insured to carry out this work. They also have the technique down to a fine art.

Is it worth it?

Buying split logs can become expensive if you tend to burn a lot of firewood throughout the year. However, if you only burn wood occasionally, it usually it works out cheaper do it this way. If you are a heavy consumer of firewood and have access to a supply of timber that needs splitting, then having your wood split with a hydraulic log splitter can be very cost effective. Similarly, if you have felled a tree on your land and wish to use it for firewood, then the investment in log splitting is much more likely to pay off. This is especially true if your timber is a high value variety such as oak, ash or beech.

Please call or email us now to discover more about log splitting, including prices and whether it is the right option for you.