With the autumn storm season now upon us, it is never easy to predict how many storm damaged trees will need our urgent attention before Christmas. At Westbeams, storm damage tree removal across Hampshire, as well as making trees safe in the county, is one of the central pillars of our business. Mild tree damage, moderate tree damage, severe tree damage – we have seen it all… If your home has proximity to mature trees, you may be feeling nervous about how safe (or not) they might be. That is why we have pulled together these answers to frequently asked questions about storm damaged trees….

How likely am I to need storm damage tree removal services?

The great storm of 1987, in October of that year, was then described as a once-in-200-year event. But with climate change making weather patterns more unpredictable, we are very likely to experience similar events more frequently. Therefore, if you live near large trees or have large trees on your land, you may find yourself in need of expert tree care services very suddenly.

What signs are there that a tree is storm damaged?

Most signs that a tree is storm damaged will be obvious to the naked eye. This might include leaning, broken branches, cracking, and splitting in the trunk area.

Is storm damage to trees covered by my insurance?

This is a question we get asked a lot, and it all depends on the wording of your insurance policy. As a general rule, damage to your home caused by a storm damaged tree is likely to be covered by your buildings insurance. However, unless you take out a specific policy, or unless your policy explicitly states as much, it is unlikely that you will be covered for storm damage tree removal costs.

Can you repair a storm damaged tree?

Repair, in the conventional sense, is not an option. The closest you might get to repairing a storm damaged tree is removing its damaged limbs and reshaping the remaining canopy so that it may grow again. In some cases, as with severe splitting down the trunk, there is no option but to remove the tree altogether.

Is repairing storm damage something I can do myself?

Tree work is exceptionally dangerous, even for trained and experienced professionals. That is why you should never attempt to remedy a storm damaged tree yourself. If a storm damaged tree is propped up against another tree, for example, it will not be acting under its own weight, which makes it highly unpredictable. Indeed, one false move could result in instantaneous death. Tools such as chainsaws also represent deadly hazards in untrained hands.

How can I protect my trees from storm damage?

Protection from storm damage is not something that can ever be guaranteed. However, there are some steps tree surgeons can take to minimise the chance of a tree succumbing to storm damage. Ongoing maintenance to ensure the tree is the right shape, and does not act too much like a ship’s sail, is the best option for protecting trees from storm damage.

At Westbeams, our team members are qualified, experienced, insured and equipped to tackle any storm damage remedial work and/or storm damage tree removal that may be necessary. Remember, don’t attempt it yourself – call the professionals.